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Whether you lack the expertise in a certain subject matter or just aren't able to find the time to get projects completed, Caymera is able to manage special projects for clients.  From creating annual business plans and budgets to reviewing standard operating procedures, creating a new menu, or supporting and defining asset enhancements for capital projects, we can step in and help clients continue to move forward- without either adding to or taxing the current staff. 


What We Do

Caymera provides the expertise to finish tasks on the "to-do" list which seems to perpetually get set aside to handle other operations.  Yet, in reality, these initiatives must get done.   Our hospitality consultants complete these projects for clients in a timely and professional manner. Whether they are small tasks or large renovations, we can effectively and efficiently manage the project for you.

Benefits to You

  • Complete important projects that just never seem to get done. 
  • Managers are able to spend time with guests, and "out of their office". 
  • Initiatives are completed thoroughly and reviewed to industry standards.
  • Our hospitality consultants can even liaison and help manage partnerships on large scale projects- such as with architects, designers, suppliers, and internal business teams.

Why Us

Although each project is a bit different, our hospitality consultants have years of experience in the hospitality industry. We can bring the teams together to manage your projects.

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